Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shadowy news

Dearest nonexistent fans,

I am almost done proofing the second installment of the 'In Shadow' series and once I get the ebook formatted, hope to have it out in a week or two.  The third book is probably a third of the way written, at least in the rough.  I have hopes of releasing them all in one volume once the third book is publishable.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Still more questions you didn't ask (#5):

In this ever popular series (or so I like to imagine), I answer urgent questions from my avid (and nonexistent) fans.  Such as this:

Some of your phrasing is a little, shall we say quaint, or odd, or enigmatic, or archaic mayhap; what's the deal?  Is this just creative license or did you fail out of english in high school?  Can't you just stick to modern english?

Thank you for that phenomenal question (you are welcome).  I am a self-professed lover of old books (just check the book list on my other blog) and also enjoy watching such works brought to life on screen, in perusing such material, sometimes I will come across an archaic turn of phrase or a way of expressing something or an interesting word that sticks with me and eventually ends up in my writing.  One of my greatest disappointments with modern life is the decline of our language and literary skills.  Some newspapers write at a 4th grade reading level, thinking their readership too dense to understand anything else.  Modern society tends to 'dumb things down' instead of asking people to 'rise to the occasion,' as it were; we are all of us special which means none of us are.  Instead of trying hard, learning from our mistakes, and doing better next time, everyone gets a trophy for showing up.

I might write in prose but good writing (I am not making a personal claim here) should also be poetic in a sense: it should have a rhythm all its own and just flow from word to word, sentence to sentence; it should bear the reader whither you will on a sea of words, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but always suited to the narrative.  My writing is not complicated or hard to understand (i.e.: Ulysses) but I do throw in an outdated phrase, word, or bit of grammar from time to time, and yes, I feel free to mix and match from any and all periods and cultures (Tolkien would have a fit, but I can't say I like his elvish poetry either, so we'll agree to disagree).  I am a verbophile, I love words and phrases and dabble in them as a painter does their paints.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it is something I enjoy and hopefully my readers (if any) have fun with it too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An inconvenient obsession

The thing I hate most about reading a series that is still in progress is waiting for the next installment; the thing I hate most about writing is that when you have an idea, you feel like you HAVE TO write it up, right now, regardless of what else is happening in life.  Not that anyone likely cares, but for those of you in the first camp, rejoice ye few, I now have a very rough draft of the second book of the 'In Shadow' series so may soon get the thing published (if I can get it edited) and have even started the third book.  As for me, I'm definitely in the very midst of the second camp and unlikely to escape until the third book is written, edited, and published.  I guess if I must have an obsession, it is better writing than gambling; I don't necessarily make money, but at least I don't lose it!

Monday, February 2, 2015

A slight change

I had initially only planned to write one book, but as 'Shadow of the Unicorn' looks like it will turn into an actual series, I have decided to offer the first book free (where I am able to), it may take a little while for this change to be reflected at most retailers (and at one I am incapable of making such an offer), so enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

It's a Book!

Even after 15 kids, I can still get excited about a new addition to the family, right?  I just published my first new book in The Chronicles of the Brethren series in several years and it looks like it might be a trilogy (triplets!), I'm working on the second one now and we'll see where it goes from there.  This is a series within a series, as it were, kind of like 'The Serpent and the Unicorn,' and it is highly recommended you at least read Serpent first, just to know the world better, but it can be enjoyed without too.  Enjoy, 'Shadow of the Unicorn,' the first in the 'In Shadow' series.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Believe it or not?

Believe it or not (I really don't), I am in the final stages of editing my not so long awaited new book (I started writing the thing in December!).  It is fun to be dabbling with my Brethren series again.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is there help for the obsessed?

Well, dear nonexistent fans, you will be delighted to hear that I am about three quarters of the way through the next book in the 'Chronicles of the Brethren' series.  Every spare moment of late has been consumed by this task, I never get to choose when and what I write, rather it seems an idea suddenly comes, and like an addict, I can't help but write; sometimes it is rather inconvenient!  When I actually have time and interest, I have nothing to write about but when I have something I really want to write, the time is not there.  I wonder if there is some sort of psychological disorder specific to writers?  And if so, is there help?